Saturday, 19 October 2013

Six Word Saturday

 Makeover for them
I need one too!


Mlissabeth said...

Looking good!

Jim said...

They went MOD!!! I like them, probably better 'fixed up.'
I'm going down to visit the Friday Paint Party now. That will be enjoyable I know.

My Six Words today:

cessie said...

Oh wow I love them!!
Your 6WS made me smile: I need one as well ;)
Happy Saturday/Weekend though!

Karen S. said...

Oh they look just pretty as ever!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Nice makeover. I could use one too.

Julie said...

you are just amazing, Souly-B!!!!!

Mim said...

i love their makeover, and I'm with you - I need a total makeover!

kj said...

I need a MINover: less weight, more ice cream :-)